HP9000 - Motorola - Workstations

...long time ago, HP BASIC Software, an HP-IB Workstation and measurement/control cards - became an unbeatable team....

Enhanced with Assembly routines of hard-working programmer, improved by engineering, everything went like clockwork.

Today it's a dilemma for the responsable engineers.
No one is familiar anymore with these systems, or even able to guarantee data protection.
Documentation is unavailable, but the test bench is still needed sporadically.

Converting everything to actual standards seems to be obvious, but it is economically often a bottomless pit.

Possibly its more predictable and easier to calculate to preserve the old stuff.

If your help is of any need, get in contact with us!


Serie 200

HP 9000 series 200

Overview over the most common HP series 200 workstations

Serie 300

HP 9000 Serie 300

Overview over the most established Series 300 workstations

HP 382

HP 382 Workstation, Add-ons, hard disks etc.

HP 362

HP 362 Workstation

HP 310

HP 310 Workstation

Serie 400

HP 9000 series 400

Overview over the most common HP 400 series workstations