Our philosophy

About us

Founded in 1991 Stevens Computer Systems GmbH emerged out Infotek, a former German/American company for HP products. Over 30 Years of experience with HP products have led us the way.

Our main business is selling HP9000 Workstations, Server and Peripheral products.
Thereby we support our customers with older HP products, which are no longer under HP support. These products will be overhauled by our technical staff, thouroughly cleaned and tested, that the warranty for a workstation, which went through STCS "AllNEW" service can be enlarged to 1 - 2 Years.

Even for the very old HP Products, which mostly run under HP BASIC we care as good as we can.

We listen to our customers, want to understand their problems, want to learn about their needs and want to find the optimal solution together with them.



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